Meeting and Board Rooms

Imagine having a huge touchscreen tablet on the wall in your meeting room that you can write on, edit files, watch videos, browse the internet and instantly email notes to meeting attendees?  Well throw away that flip chart because this technology really will change the way you meet…


Is the new kid on the block, proving to be an unbelievably popular touchscreen choice in the corporate world.

It’s as simple to use as a tablet and works just like a flipchart or whiteboard, but its digital – simply turn it on and start writing using the pre-installed annotation app – LynxPro.  Brainstorm and capture ideas using the variety of brushes, colours and backgrounds then save it to edit later or email the notes to all the meeting attendees before they’ve even left the room!

The Clevertouch Pro has a built in purpose built operating system which is designed to be fast and functional with the very latest specifications.  The internal memory allows you to use it without having to connect to a computer or you can also just plug in a USB stick.  You can open and edit files such as office documents, pdfs, video, images and even audio files.

Clevertouch PRO Information Sheet


Every Clevertouch Pro includes the CleverShare wireless device which ensures that you can control the touchscreen from anywhere in the room, without the need for wires and cables.  Gone are the days of crawling around the floor connecting various devices to laptops and PCs!  Simply plug the CleverShare into your laptops USB port and you can show and edit your laptops content on the screen using the Clevertouch pen or your finger.  Two CleverShare devices are included with every Clevertouch Pro.

Clevershare Information Sheet

Montage - a wireless presentation system

Is a wireless presentation system which allows anyone to be the presenter in any given meeting.  Use in conjunction with your Clevertouch Pro touchscreen, Montage allows up to 12 meeting attendees to share their PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone on the main display at the same time.  It also allows all 12 attendees to see each others displays whether they are working remotely over the Cloud or in the actual meeting room.

This all-in-one solution allows presenters to take mouse control of connecting devices, annotate and share files.  Attendees can connect easily through various applications and remote users can use native voice and video.

Montage Information Sheet


Above all using this technology is simple and easy.  Its brilliant, it saves time and it will change the way you conduct meetings but it certainly won’t be complicated and difficult to set up and use!

If you’re not quite ready for a touchscreen, why not look at Equil Smartmarker technology?


A less sophisticated device is also available which will turn your existing whiteboards into a collaborative sharing surface.  Utilising an everyday marker slipped into the Equil marker sleeves whatever you write on your whiteboard – or in fact, any flat surface including glass – can be shared straight to your favourite device.

Bring those long-distance colleagues right into your meeting room, letting them see board notes live, and even participate – marking up notes remotely.

The device is portable, allowing you to go from room to room, site to site or even country to country and using it anywhere.  The complete package includes four marker sleeves (black, blue, red and green) along with a Multi-Charge Cradle that charges all four sleeves and the sensor at the same time.

Smart Marker Information Sheet

SMARTPEN - Real Ink, Real Paper, Real Simple

Equil Smartpen 2 includes a built-in memory and handwriting recognition tool so that you can write on real paper using real ink.  Save, share and organise notes and sketches or even convert your handwriting to text which you can edit.   The pen is completely portable and can be used anytime and anywhere.

Smart Pen Information Sheet