Introducing the Proactive AV Loyalty Card – ProPoints                               


The Proactive AV Propoints scheme has been introduced to reward all our customers with points which can be earned and redeemed in a really exciting variety of ways……

Compliments Vouchers

Shop with these vouchers in over 130 high street stores or use them for days out with the kids.  Vouchers are totally without any tax and NI liability as this is all paid for by Proactive AV on your behalf and we’ll provide a certificate to prove it


Book onsite training sessions for your teachers either during the day or after school

System Checks

Redeem your ProPoints for an annual audio visual equipment systems check.  After our engineers visit you will be provided with a written report giving details of the longevity of your current equipment

We have designed the ProPoints scheme in such a way that you can earn points before you have even made a purchase.


   Sign up to the scheme =  


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Then when you make a purchase you will earn more points which will then be totalled up with the points already in your bag and you can be use them immediately.

Other earning opportunities include return of post installation and training questionnaires.

All the information you need is here on this website under the ProPoints menu ( ) but if you would like to sign up straight away, it couldn’t be easier.  Just give us a call on 01480 810405 or email and we’ll sign you up.  You will receive your ProPoints starter pack including your unique card and fun reminder giveaways.

This really is a loyalty card that ticks all the boxes; you can ensure your purchase is used to its full capacity and have vouchers left over for shopping!

*Subject to Terms & Conditions*

Contact the ProactiveAV team at:

T: 01480 810405