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Important changes from Monday 23 March 2020

Proactive AV’s office is open but only manned by single staff on a rota basis for obvious reasons.
We are available by email so please mail your contact if you have one.
Failing that please mail : for General Enquiries for Technical Support to Book Training

email addresses will be monitored at all times

Or in emergencies call our MD Chris on 07795 951435 anytime.

We are still engaging in demonstrations and installations in agreed and appropriate circumstances.
Please contact us for information.

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Welcome to Proactive

Chris Birks - MD, Proactive AV

Audio Visual Solutions - Blog

At Proactive AV, providing our customers with the best service is the heart of our business.  We have been operating since Chris set up the company in 2004 and during that time, we have installed thousands of audio visual solutions, including interactive whiteboard projects, projector and screens, in hundreds of school classrooms, halls and meeting areas.

Schools, colleges and academies are looking to replace their old classroom equipment such as the interactive whiteboard and projector configuration with up to date interactive touchscreen technology which, acting like a huge tablet installed on the wall, is familiar to both teachers and children alike.

The business world are looking to upgrade their meeting room equipment to enable them to collaborate with remote workers in or out of the office, share and annotate on documents and drawings, increase their productivity and decrease their costs and carbon footprint.  They may wish to upgrade their interactive whiteboard and projector or just introduce new interactive touchscreen technology which will also allow them to integrate with their existing business SKYPE systems.

Our focus is to provide a complete package which includes onsite demonstrations, installation by our own DBS approved engineers, an after sales training & support service and we’ll even take your old interactive whiteboard away.


You want to see what this kit can do?  Let us bring a full size demonstration unit to you and our Proactive experts will take you through exactly what it can do, answer questions and suggest ways to really make it work for your organisation.  If you’d rather visit us at HQ, please feel free to come and experience different technologies in our very own demonstration booth.


Big or small, some projects can be complicated.  Our team will project manage your installations from start to finish.  They will ensure that every box is ticked prior, during and post installation.


Getting rid of old kit is a complete headache which we’re sure you can do without.  We’re very much in the know with this activity having taken away a great deal of kit over the years and being WEEE certified we will also dispose of it adhering to the correct rules and regulations too!  Or in some cases you may want some of your older kit repositioned – no problem – if you want that projector and whiteboard moved to another room, that’s fine.  Just let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen.


Just because the project has been managed, surveyed and installed brilliantly, doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to use the equipment.  What’s the point of spending money on kit when it will just sit there un-used or not used to its full potential?  Our Proactive trainers will contact you after your installation is complete to organise your onsite training. Rest assured, we will never leave you high and dry not knowing how to use the equipment and we’re not just saying it, have a chat to some of our customers.


Not every room is the same and to make sure that our engineers are prepared for each and every installation when they arrive on site, we’ll conduct a survey of each area.  We will always have the right kit to ensure that each solution is installed exactly where you want it and provide bespoke installation equipment to ensure that, even if your wall is a stud wall, your solution will be where you need it!


Other companies will arrange delivery of your new equipment direct to your site from the supplier.  It would be up to you to make sure that you have somewhere safe to store the equipment on site until the installation takes place, which in some cases may prove to be problematic.  If you work with us our Proactive engineers bring the kit with them on the day of installation.  How much easier is that?


Our Proactive engineers are just that – they are employed by Proactive and over the years have all been fully trained by our Engineering Manager.  They are all longstanding employees and have a wealth of experience.  No installation is too difficult and each and every one of them take complete pride in their work.  Rest assured we would never leave our installation work to sub-contractors.


How much do you love having your hand held (metaphorically speaking of course) in any situation where you’ve bought something new?  Things happen and no matter how much training you’ve had, sometimes you just need a chat with Proactive to help you out.  We have a team that really are here to help and support you.

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