Complete AV Solutions for any and every space.

Planning what AV solution you need for any space can be challenging. Whatever your requirement the solution has to be easy to use, cost effective
deliver the desired outcomes.

We are aware that one size does not fit all. That’s why there’s a host of technology that can be demonstrated, installed and deployed by our
team of experts in house from our selected manufacturers.


Solutions & Gallery:


Simple webcams to advanced PTZ cameras encompassing audio bars.


Sound amplification via Bluetooth wireless speakers.


Simple to use Microsoft MTR unit at a fraction of the normal cost.


Beautiful clarity, stunning colour from 43” – 120”


Laser driven 4k projection, no bulbs or filters.


Digital whiteboarding, annotation and content recording.


Cloud driven digital communications.


Stunning modular LED video walls from 3m to 6m wide.


The Maxhub V6 Pro has everything within, turn on and go.





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Financing your Solutions 

Financing your AV purchase couldn’t be simpler. Our leasing partner(s) offer finance lease rental agreements that are 100% tax efficient against a Company’s profits.

A lease rental also allows our customers to claim VAT back on the monthly rentals as oppose to paying all the VAT upfront.

Typically our Corporate Clients agree to a 3 year monthly rental which allows them to spread the cost and manage the tax benefits. The products warranty and our support package is also included for the 3 year period. At the end of the term you can re lease newer equipment or own it for approximately one months rental. Simple and easy. It also allows you to easily calculate a cost for each meeting room per month to cross charge internally or to external users.

You’re welcome to come to our offices or alternatively we can bring some equipment to yours.
Call us for a chat and tell us about your meeting rooms, we’d love to hear from you.