Halls & Auditoriums

Larger spaces require bigger thinking. There are far more implications to making wrong decisions and choosing the wrong technology for spaces such as School Halls and auditoriums. A straight forward School Hall typically has two solutions that suit :

    Large Touch / Display Screen

 Up to 98” diagonally and 4k resolution so the clarity is excellent. The sound built in to these devices may be sufficient for the space however
a separate audio system may well be required.


     Screen and Projector Solution

The projectors can be installed in 3 locations either on the wall above the screen, on the side wall using a bespoke lens or from the ceiling providing an image directly onto the screen. Screens can be installed from 2.5 – 6m in width.

Side Wall Mount Projection


Side Wall Mount Projection


Rear Projection


Ultra Short Throw Projection


     Video Wall

If there’s a large budget available a video wall might be an option but careful attention to specification is required here as some suppliers video walls have vastly different bezel thicknesses on the individual screens making up the full image and large thick black lines through displayed content is not a popular end result. Video walls should be just that ie a wall of display not something that appears to have 16 TV’s joined together.

Video Wall at Oundle School


As ever with all Proactive AV solutions ease of use is paramount. It should not be necessary to call the IT Technician in ever time a presentation is made.

Irrespective of size, acoustics and budget Proactive AV will have the solution to fit. We’ve installed over 500 Hall solutions using our own Engineers to survey and then install  the required solutions.