Your subscription includes both a desktop
(SMART Notebook®)
and an online experience

(Lumio™ by SMART).
Here’s how Lumio™ works ->


Purchase Licences

The table below outlines the cost per user for 1,2,3,4 years use.

(Prices above exclude VAT, this will be added on at time of formal quote)

These costs are for licence extensions and for new software installations.

If you require an extension (to an existing software licence) please provide the key/code in your reply.
To order your licences please email With your requirements,
ie ‘21 licenses for 4 years’ or complete the Contact Us form below.

 The team here at Proactive AV will forward you an official proposal. On receiving this simply click on the acceptance and your order will be complete.

Payment terms are 10 days from order & licences will follow by email with instructions & links to help if required.
If you would like your Licence email to be sent to a different email address please let us know.