Finance Your Investment

When budgets are tight, sometimes the best way to update your equipment is by leasing. That’s why at Proactive we offer Operating Leases specifically approved for schools.

What is an Operating Lease?

LEA schools and Academies have been instructed by Central Government to enter only into rental agreements that may be defined as Operating Leases. They are ISBL approved (was NASBM)  and Proactive AV are happy to be able to offer a robust leasing solution through their leasing partners(s).

Here are Some Benefits of an Operating Lease:

Equipment in every classroom can be replaced at the same time meaning that pupils receive the same teaching experience and teachers have access to identical lesson enhancing equipment.

All equipment is in the same warranty period.

The school has fixed, known payments (monthly, quarterly or annually) and therefore benefit from improved cash flow.

At the end of the agreed rental period the organisation can ‘continually rent’ the products for an annual fee of circa £150 + VAT in total.

Organising an Operating Lease through Proactive AV means that the start of the payments can be deferred until the start of your financial year if required.

Proactive AV conduct onsite training sessions to ensure that each teacher is using the equipment to its optimum level, the school is receive in a return on their investment and each teacher can teach in any classroom and use exactly the same equipment.

Taking up an Operating Lease through Proactive AV gives you a five year solution with a five year warranty and fixed costs for that period.


Here is an example of how this could work:      Operating Lease Example


For further details and to book a demonstration of your chosen Touchscreen(s), learn more about the range of screens we offer and to discover more about our Unique and Flexible Leasing Options, call 01480 810405 or email