Finance your Investment

When budgets are tight, sometimes the best way to update your equipment is by leasing.

Future proof your audio visual equipment by leasing the most up to date solutions over an agreed period of time, typically up to five years.  At the end of the period swap out your old equipment for new technology and start the lease again.  This way you know exactly how much is payable per month and can be budgeted for going forward.

ProActiVe AV have partnered with an ISBL Approved Operating Lease Company, Axis Leasing for all leasing requirements for our customers.

Education Leasing:

Nearly 50 % of our Education business goes via our leasing partners. We don’t and never will make any commission on leased sales. The leases we encourage our Education customers to consider are 100 % compliant with Tax Office and DFE guidelines as they’re Operating leases. We simply invoice our leasing partner at the end of the completed project as oppose to you the customer directly.

Why do 50 % of our Education customers lease ?

Predominantly it’s because the School or Academy Trust want to have larger numbers of solutions installed at the same time rather than have a smaller number installed / rolled out annually. Here’s the majority of the reasons why Schools and Academies consider using an Operating lease many of which aren’t always considered.


It makes obvious sense for all staff to be using the same front of classroom technology as each other. This also applies to the pupils as they move through the School years. Staff and pupils learn to maximise the technology together. Installing a School wide solution also ensures everyone gets the same technology, it’s likely that the specifications will change over the years meaning different products in different classrooms.


If all of the technology is the same with the correct service and support contract in place there are no maintenance costs and no need for external IT consultants to be on site for fixes, upgrades or repairs.


All products have a warranty that starts and ends at the same time


We train our customers on their technology purchased / leased for free. It goes without saying training the full team on the same technology has benefits over individual staff being trained over different months / years.

Fairness and staff retention:

Good staff are hard enough to find never mind keep. How is it fair Techer A gets new tech and Teacher B needs to wait another 3 years for theirs ?


Of course there is a cost to leasing however, the true costs are finance cost minus a) Discount for buying in larger numbers at the same time b) The amount saved on maintenance c) The amount saved on power consumption d) How much you attribute to the above benefits and other time savings.

What’s the meaning of an Operating lease and what happens at the end of the period ?

An Operating lease has a structure over an agreed period with fixed costs. An Operating lease is a rental agreement where the customer can never legally receive “Title Of Goods” this means you can never own it however, at the end of the agreed term you can legally continue to “rent” the solution(s) for an annual rental admin fee (normally £100 per annum). This amount is for everything on the lease NOT an amount per item ie Touchscreen for example.

Business Leasing:

Financing your AV purchase couldn’t be simpler. Our leasing partner(s) offer finance lease rental agreements that are 100% tax efficient against a Company’s profits.

A lease rental also allows our customers to claim VAT back on the monthly rentals as oppose to paying all the VAT upfront.

Typically our Corporate Clients agree to a 3 year monthly rental which allows them to spread the cost and manage the tax benefits. The products warranty and our support package is also included for the 3 year period. At the end of the term you can re lease newer equipment or own it for approximately one months rental. Simple and easy. It also allows you to easily calculate a cost for each meeting room per month to cross charge internally or to external users.


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