Over a period of 18 months, Greenside School have purchased 11 x Clevertouch Plus screens and 3 x BenQ screens on various types of wall mounts including standard wall mounts, height adjustable wall mounts and even a SWEEZZ electrically operated multi functional mount. Proactive carried out demonstrations of both screen brands to ensure that they fitted with the requirements of the school. Their engineers carried out the installations and Proactive trainers the on-site training sessions. Ongoing Proactive technical support is provided should this be required. Greenside School have made the decision to lease their screens because, as Abi Ajumobi explains, technology changes so quickly these days, to lease their screens on a rolling programme means that they can update their technology at the end of each lease. We caught up with Abi for a chat to see how the screens have enhanced teaching and learning at the school.


Abiodun Ajumobi—ICT Technician, Greenside School said:

What screens did you lease?

Clevertouch Plus and BenQ

Why did you make those brand decisions?

Clevertouch because of the software and ease of use and the additional features of wireless mirroring Ipads to screen and visa versa. BenQ because it is still an excellent interactive screen and we didn’t need to software for those classrooms.

What were you using previously?

Very old SMARTBoards and projectors with bulbs

Have you had any training from us?


How have the screens enhanced your teaching?

Ease of use, we use the screens more then mirroring whats on the laptop and just showing Powerpoint or YouTube. The teachers now use different types of software like Grid 3. The download Apps from the Clevertouch App Store for the pupils to interact with.

Have the screens improved pupil engagement in any particular way?

The pupils are now interacting more in class and taking part in lessons.

Have the screens made a difference to pupil intake, Ofsted or parental perception?

Not applicable as I don’t speak to parents or see the Ofsted report BUT the feedback I get from teachers says it is much better than the old boards.

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