Knightsfield School purchased 15 x 65” BenQ screens on height adjustable wall mounts from Proactive AV. Prior to purchase Proactive carried out a demonstration of the screen to ensure that it fitted with the requirements of the school. Proactive engineers then carried out installation and Proactive trainers carried out on-site ‘train the trainer’ sessions. Ongoing Proactive technical support is provided should this be required. We caught up with the Headteacher, Suzanne Thrower once the screens had been in situ for a while….

Suzanne Thrower—Headteacher, Knightsfield School said:

What screens did you buy/lease?

We bought the BenQ screens because they were within our budget range and the right size

Why did you make that brand decision?

Proactive supported the brand and the post purchase service was intimated to be excellent and has been excellent

What were you using before?

Projectors which were getting old and therefore too loud for our acoustically treated school

Have you had any training from us?

We had training in the beginning for key members of staff who have trained the other teachers and new members of staff to use them

How have the screens enhanced your teaching?

More interactive. We have the ones that go up and down so pupils of all heights can come to the screen to use them. They are an extremely important technology resource in the technological age. The visualiser works really well with them too.

Have the screens improved pupil engagement in any particular way?

Pupils like to be able to put their answers on the screen and so I suppose yes

Have the screens made a difference to pupil intake, Ofsted or parental perception?

Ofsted were very impressed when I explained why we have changed to use them—we remained outstanding. Potential pupils and their parents seem impressed by the amount of technology and the way the screens are used in the classroom. From videos to documents, PowerPoints or Apps.

In Summary

 We have been extremely pleased with the service from Proactive from day one right the way through to purchase, delivery and beyond. I would like to think that we have an extremely good relationship with them and I have recommended them numerous times. Please bear in mind that they were recommended to me by Homerswood and Herts for Learning.  

Contact the ProactiveAV team at:

T: 01480 810405