The MAT Centric Partnership


What is it & why ONLY  ProActiVe AV can offer this unique partnership?

  ProActiVe are a truly outstanding supplier. Having worked closely with them for many years, I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else in the AV space. I can wholeheartedly vouch for their exceptional products and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. ProActiVe are completely dependable, they never let us down and I can’t recommend them highly enough. I wish all my suppliers were like ProActiVe .

Michael Vaughan, Unity Schools Partnership




Profiles of MAT’s suited to the partnership:

  MAT’s that have multiple sites the majority of which are in the south east and central England.

  MAT’s that have their own IT Team, centrally managed but geographically dispersed.

  MAT’s that have plans to expand and on-board further schools and Academies.

  MAT’s that seek measurable cost reduction, continuity, sustainability and where quality of the communication via technology is high on the agenda.

Outlines of the partnership :

  The partnership is non-contractual. Only an NDA is signed by ourselves.

  AV Centric reports are updated and issued annually

  Costs are reviewed annually


Initial process 1-3 months :

  Allocated engineer / technical consultant conducts overview audit and survey on and off site

  Allocated Internal account manager compiles AV report. What’s where? age? how it performs? what issues if any? how is it used with regard to teaching and learning?

  Collective review sales manager / MD and allocated partnership owner(s) within Trust.

  High level 3 year plan agreed (including approx. on-boarding numbers)

  Cost analysis i.e. IT team, future expansion plans? Power utilisation?

  Product / solution and services discussions. Loans / demos and trials.

  Finance documents provided: Products, services, peripherals and leasing

  Summary of free services provided

Proven outcomes :

  Trust wide IT costs stabilise or reduce as support tasks are offset to ProActiVe and AV solution quality improves. On-boarding may well not require additional IT technicians.

  Continuity. Same solution sites using existing and new AV tech.

  AV spend priorities based upon annual reports and needs analysis.

  Sustainability improvements which are measurable such as 6 v 2 process (see sustainability info)

  Teaching and learning outcomes improved. Downtime reduced from improved tech and services.

  Trained staff. Onsite and MAT specific videos provided.

  Pre on-boarding services included audits, surveys, product loans and pre on-boarding training.


The ProActiVe AV MAT Centric Partnership will give you measurable sustainability metrics by changing your supplier chain, by reducing your waste,  reducing power consumption and gradually implementing a centrally controlled AV hardware infrastructure.

All our suppliers for AV equipment offer transparent sustainability metrics and all constantly aim to improve these. 

Sustainability through improving your AV supply chain :

  Our processes around discussing, showing, trialling, installing new product and removing the old means you as a Trust will use 1/3rd of the transport typically used by all other AV resellers.

In addition, not only will your sustainability improve by involving ProActiVe in your AV supply chain you’ll also have free WEEE removal with selected brands.

It’s worth considering that all other resellers (who predominantly use sub – contract installers) will leave old equipment for you to dispose of yourselves at your cost or charge you £4-£600 per tonne (that’s only 20 touchscreens) to remove it legally and dispose of it via their 3rd party on a future date (not on the day of installation).

Sustainability through waste reduction :

A major aspect of the AV MAT Centric Partnership is services. To provide departmental or site continuity older touchscreens / AV can be relocated within the MAT until funds allow or performance dictates eventual replacement.

Older “broken” AV may well be able to be re-used / repaired.

Adaptors and new cables can often make an old AV solution compatible with new laptops etc.

Sustainability through power consumption reduction :

Laser projection and LED tiled video walls use significantly less power than traditional bulbed projectors and multi screen video walls.

New touchscreens use a 1/3rd of the power than older screens and up to 1/6th  of the power compared to traditional projector, board and speaker classroom technology.

Digital signage providing an array of information to students, staff and stakeholders is infinitely more cost effective than continuous printing of information.

Sustainability through a centrally controlled AV infrastructure :

Power (on/off) hardware updates, fault diagnosis and lesson content access can all be controlled and managed centrally from one or multiple devices using our selected hardware solutions. This saves time, downtime and travel costs.


Because we only work with our own employed engineers we have services resource available between hardware installations. Our team can facilitate:

  Screen / AV relocation whether that’s room to room or different sites.

  Cable management, replacement or repair.

  Height of screen adjustment, conversion to mobile solution.

  Auditing, surveys and recommendations.

  Training. We have two certified full time trainers who are accredited by the manufacturers we represent.

  ProActiVe staff are enhanced DBS-checked.


  We only recommend, supply, install and train our customers on the most reliable and cost effective brands in the AV Industry.

  We have a warehouse and hold stock of all the screens we supply to enable a quick turnaround for sales and support which also minimises excessive deliveries to customer sites. We bring your new chosen AV solutions with us on the day of installation.

  We offer demonstrations and trials ourselves and do not rely on the manufacturer to provide this. This allows you to select proven AV technology that’s seen working in your environment.

  All product information is available on :




  We will, following your decision on what brands you choose to implement, provide you with annual costs based upon varying quantities including full installation, configuration, removal and disposal of older equipment and training. This allows you to plan and budget accordingly.

  Leasing (Via Operating lease procedures approved by the DFE) Is preferred by many MAT’s to provide:

  Larger refurbishments facilitating higher discounts.

  Continuity of new technology roll outs for staff and pupils.

  Sustainability, moving away from a repetitive break and replace process

  Warranty and technology synchronisation.

  Easier financial management. AV with a 5 year warranty can be paid for over a 5 year period.

  A mechanism to use the technology beyond the lease period for a small admin fee outlined at the start of the lease agreement.

NB – It is worth stating that ProActiVe AV make £0 commission on lease agreements. All lease contracts are managed by our finance partner Axis Leasing.

Operating leases are used by several of our MAT partners and are approved for use via our framework partners CCS and EICT.