A TRUE remote learning experience

For certain types of educational establishments whatever this pandemic may or may not throw at us next they’ll need to facilitate the option to remotely teach some of their students. Some establishments may even want to do this irrespective of COVID 19 as this may be a route to a more cost effective, greener and inclusive way of teaching and learning.

This facility doesn’t necessarily need to be made available in all class / lecture rooms but the ability to book a room and deliver a lesson / lecture live to some students in the room, some at home and possibly some students on site but in a different location is one that can solve a lot of the following challenges as to how to encourage :

• Inclusivity and fairness
• Engagement and interaction
• Verbal and visual instruction and involvement
• Lesson reinforcement

As a company partnering with Educators over the last 15 years we understand how complex meeting the above objectives are in what used to be a “normal” lesson so it was imperative we thought hard about both Teachers and Learners to ensure our solution could deliver a way of meeting the desired objectives that :

• Is cost effective
• Easy to use
• Doesn’t need endless training
• Works every time.

There are hundreds of Companies selling all sorts of “kit” into education at present as people panic buy the wrong things in an attempt to cobble up some form of in house solution. We’ve witnessed the use of visualisers, additional monitors and CCTV cameras, screens with cameras in them displaying the back of teachers heads and software that makes those delivering the lesson having to work a daily double shift.

All we’ve done is :

• Provided a pre-built Microsoft Teams box. You simply type in and save your students email addresses and invite them when they’re not physically in the room. You can’t run your lesson from the same machine your running a Teams meeting from and successfully involve 20 + students so , carry on as you would normally and let the Teams box do all the work !
• Put the camera in the ceiling above the first student in the room, everything heard and seen by the student in the room will be heard and seen by all remote learners.



That’s it but here’s the thing! It works seamlessly and beautifully. Teachers can see the remote learners on a separate screen and share content of their desktop as oppose to the camera view by pressing 1 button.

The response to our MRC solution has been incredible. It’s been nominated for a prestigious AV Award! Most enquiries are from Colleges who are keen to lease purchase the solution for less than £200 a month for only 18 months after when it’s yours to do with as you wish !


Have a look at how this works and please do get in touch for a remote (or on site) demonstration if you’d really like to deliver a true remote learning experience.