Multi Academy Trusts

We have found that the challenges faced by Multi Academy Trusts are typically based around historic school purchases, lack of centralised control and no supplier specialism in either audio visual or IT.

Over the years, we have been awarded sole supplier and approved partner status with many MAT’s which include:


Many MAT’s are facing the challenge that their schools have historically individually sourced and purchased a huge of variation of audio-visual equipment of different brands from numerous suppliers. This means that trusts often have a lack of knowledge or control over what technology or software platform is being used in what school, which, in our experience, means that this can hinder any strategic longer-term planning for eventual replacement of equipment.  It can also lead to a lack of clarity and continuity with due diligence processes and best practice procurement procedures.

They may also use an outsourced IT company who become responsible for trying to look after Audio-Visual equipment as well as IT which isn’t their area of expertise. This can lead to neither the IT or AV getting the attention it deserves and the IT tech invariably spends most of their time ‘firefighting’ and trying to organise faulty cabling or connection issues or replace projector bulbs.

Alternatively, trusts find themselves in a position where equipment is overdue for replacement and would like to upgrade from old technology interactive whiteboards and projectors to interactive touchscreens. More and more people are looking for a partner that specialise solely in this area and does not try to cover several technological bases. They are also looking to work with a company that not only can provide and install the equipment but also an after sales service which ensures that the new equipment is utilised to an optimal level.

The Answer?

Proactive are a dedicated Audio Visual education specialist ensuring that there is one point of contact for consultation, implementation, ongoing technical support and a mutually agreed schedule of training across any new equipment’s lifespan. Our existing MAT customers can provide feedback on our service and how this has streamlined their equipment, processes and changed the teaching and learning within their trust.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss our service in more detail and whether we could be a good fit.

Read the case study which documents when we installed Clevertouch screens into a school which is part of the Greenwood Academies Trust:

City of Peterborough Academy