Noisy BETT, makes a lot of assumptions!

Having spent a couple of days recently at the biggest UK Education show – BETT – I found it as intriguing and as interesting as ever however, it became apparent this year (more than any other) that there was a lot of noise and focus on Interactive screen pricing and discounts.  Only a few meters apart manufacturers were pointing at each other’s overpriced stands claiming that they can save you £100 here and £100 there compared to their competition.

Very little time is actually spent listening to Teachers and Education leaders at BETT.  Not enough thought is put into understanding exactly what, why and how?

What are their biggest frustrations using front of class technology?

Why do they not get the full value and benefits from such solutions when they have invested in them previously?

And how as manufacturers can they prove they can help the teaching and learning experience using their products to the full via a planned process?

Perhaps if some exhibiting at Bett addressed some of these questions they’d have less people pretending to be on their phones and avoiding eye contact as they walk past!

The fact your screen has this functionality, that button and is £100 cheaper than the one over the walkway is usually irrelevant.  As we all do when we repeat things daily or extremely regularly, we show examples of how fast and great we are at a certain task.  It becomes automatic to assume teachers want to see you perform this demonstration at 100 mph and that even more ridiculously they too will be able to do the same after purchasing your cut price screen.

The AV industry shouldn’t be so assumptive.  Teachers and Educators as a whole want and need to discuss how they can progressively learn to teach quicker and more effectively using this technology and (as importantly) how their audience can meet objectives which are set higher by those in charge due to their investments with us.

You know what people say about those who assume?  It makes an ass out of U and ME. In addition to this there’s more than enough noise in the classrooms in case you hadn’t noticed.