From March to May Partner with us for a new:


And we will:
* Give you £50 Part Exchange for your existing Touchscreen(s) 1-3 units
* Give you £75 Part Exchange (per screen) when purchasing 3-10 units
* Give you £100 Part Exchange (per screen) when purchasing 11 or more units


It is worth noting that nearly ALL other suppliers will charge you (average £50 per screen) to have these screens (eventually) collected by a 3rd party waste management company or they’ll “remove them from your classrooms FOC” but not from site.

Proactive are WEE regulated and will de-install & remove your existing screens on the day OUR engineers install the new.

What’s more we’ll pay you for that service!


Demos ~ Loan Screens ~ Surveys ~ Installation ~ Support ~ Training


ALL included in our price!
ALL executed by our OWN Employees!!


Local References
Also don’t forget we can help with Hall solutions and Digital Signage too!

(Subject to Project log from manufacturer – Part-exchange given as Discount or Cash-back cheque)

If you would like to find out more please contact us on:

T: 01480 810405