Are you considering replacing some, or all of your Classroom Touchscreens or
Projector & Whiteboards this Spring?

We are offering an attractive Part Exchange programme on up-to-date cutting edge models:


Part Exchange Offer Includes:

  £100 part exchange offered until the end of April for every older AV Solution (minimum 3 screens) de-installed and removed by our own engineers on the day of installation (Via our WEEE regulated process).

  Free and without obligation demonstration and trial of a new screen from our
selected brands.

  Operating lease figures (fully compliant with DFE standards) are available upon request.

  Pre School Installations. Our team can have 2-4 screens installed between 6.30 and 8.45am if you’d prefer not to wait for the school holidays.

There are some amazing options on our selected brands, with and without software packages, all of which are priced between £1600 – £2000 fully installed with Training & Support included.

In addition, we can offer some new and exciting Hall AV solutions including wireless presenting and camera capture as well as leading edge Digital Signage displays for inside, throughout, or even outside your School.

We are working with over 2,000 Schools in the East of England and pride ourselves on being the only true regionally based AV solutions company in your area.

Hundreds of East Anglian based references available

Local References

Operating leases available 
(Subject to Project log from manufacturer – Part-exchange given as Discount or Cash-back cheque)
Demos ~ Loan Screens ~ Surveys ~ Installation ~ Support ~ Training
ALL included in our price!
ALL executed by our OWN Employees!!
Also don’t forget we can help with Hall solutions and Digital Signage too!

(Subject to Project log from manufacturer – Part-exchange given as Discount or Cash-back cheque)

If you would like to find out more please contact us on:

T: 01480 810405