We’ve been testing & trialling a new technology to offer our Education customers.
This solution enables all pupils in the room or logged on elsewhere the ability to see, hear & receive lesson content from the Teacher in its entirety.

This is not a conference solution! 

This is a NEW solution specifically designed
for Education!



Key facts:

   This type of remote communication can use existing or new screens
   It’s simple to use and free Proactive training is available
   It’s affordable regardless of being purchased or leased
   The solution is fully supported and warrantied by Proactive.


How Microsoft Remote Classroom works:

1 The screen (existing or new interactive or not) Is mounted on the wall

2  The Teams 500 PC unit provided and installed by us is securely desk mounted with our bespoke anti theft device. This 500 PC seamlessly allows you to dial up the lists of individuals who are to join in the session remotely.

3 The camera and audio solutions are suspended from the ceiling (again in our bespoke anti theft device) . The solution faces the Teacher approximately 3m from the front of the class display. Irrespective of whether the Teacher is standing, sitting or moving this solution will pick up all movement and sound by the Teacher only. The outcome will provide everyone attending the lesson the ability to see and hear everything from wherever they are, regardless of their location.

That’s it, it sounds obvious and simple because it is. This solution prevents the need to run lesson content and Teams sessions from the same machine which is very resource heavy on computing power, as well as being complicated.


Alternatively if you require a traditional conferencing solution for your school Governors / Parent / Finance meetings please call us!