Touchscreens are the next generation of front of class interactive displays – It’s like having a huge tablet on the wall.  Extreme durability is the name of the game aswell as negating the need to replace projector bulbs or even the projector itself.

Most importantly the touchscreen will also contribute to the schools ‘green’ credentials as it cuts power consumption compared to the traditional projector system by 65%.  In fact, as an example, the Cost of Ownership over four years of the projector system (projector, interactive whiteboard and PC) compared to the Clevertouch Plus 55” is approximately £1,600 compared to around £270 (figures are based around the cost of power consumption, cost of service calls, new bulbs and general maintenance over four years). 

Clevertouch Cost of Ownership

In addition gone is the need to constantly recalibrate the screen, gone is the shadowing associated with interactive whiteboards and projectors and gone is the lack of orientation forcing the writer and the actual writing be in completely different places.

The touchscreen anti-glare glass surface creates a smooth and seamless touch experience with a superfast response time to ensure the technology keeps up with your students whilst built in speakers provide deep, crystal-clear sound throughout the classroom.

Each screen comes with built in software which enables teachers to wirelessly share their lessons, easily access content and download and share their favourite apps.  Teachers and students alike can use the tablet-like functionality to interact with content, simultaneously write and draw and connect mobile devices to mirror content and deliver and share content anywhere in the classroom.

Proactive AV offer the market leading touchscreens – you can choose a screen which is right by checking out this information


British designed, these award winning large format touchscreens are a truly intuitive digital experience for both teachers and pupils alike.

There are two Clevertouch products to choose from – Clevertouch Plus and Clevertouch V – both carrying a five-year on-site warranty.

In summary the main difference between the two products is the speed, storage space and the amount of built-in software provided with each product.

Downloadable Specification Sheets:

65″ V Series  70″ V Series

55″ Plus Series Dual Slot  65″ Plus Series Dual Slot

70″ Plus Series 4K LUX  75″ Plus Series 4K LUX  86″ Plus Series 4K LUX

Comparison Table



Seamlessly upgrade your Promethean Interactive whiteboards to Promethean ActivPanels – the next generation of front of class interactive displays.  Transfer your lesson plans and stored content on to your new touchscreens and away you go!  Best of all there is no calibration, shadowing, projector problems or bulb replacements.

Teachers and students can use the tablet-like functionality to interact with content, simultaneously write and draw and connect mobile devices to mirror content and collaborate.

Downloadable Specification Sheets:

Promethean AvtivPanel Information Sheet Comparison Table


BenQ are committed to empowering educators around the world with the best interactive classroom display technology.

They are looking to optimize this platform with friendly interactive display design and classroom-ready solutions to support schools and academies by bringing a truly interactive learning experience into their classrooms.

Often schools will buy a BenQ screen and a SMART notebook licence ensuring continuity in relation to what they have been using over the last few years.

Downloadable Specification Sheets:

BenQ Information Sheet Comparison Table


When it’s time to replace your interactive whiteboards and projectors, look at the SMART touchscreen range, powered by SMART Learning Suite.  No more downtime fixing burnt out projector bulbs, no shadows getting in the way, no glare or hot spots, and no faded images, SMART have designed their new generation of displays for the classroom.

No matter the teaching style or classroom environment, give students SMART collaborative technology with the 6000 series SMART all in one touchscreen.  Available in 65″ and 75″ screen sizes.

Downloadable Specification Sheets:

SMART 6000 Information Sheet Comparison Table