Every hall is different with various installation challenges; however being able to provide images, videos, song words or even backdrops to productions is a really attractive option for most schools.

Because of the intricacies of some projector and screen installations, we discuss your requirements with you in full, conduct an in-depth survey and then present your solution options.  Once decided upon we project manage the whole thing from start to finish and provide training to ensure that everyone knows how to use the system.

A standard solution is a projector, screen and sound system.  How these items are installed is a whole different ball game, the projector may be installed above, behind, in front of or to the side of the screen depending on the layout of the hall.  Wide-screen screens can be manual or electrically operated and vary in size from 1.5m to 5m wide and sound systems provided can be pretty simple to more involved mixing desks and microphone systems.  To make sure that your solution is used to its full potential, onsite training will be provided.

We really are experts and will do our very best to make sure your audio visual hall solution dreams come true.