refresh5 is a unique offering from Proactive AV and a great way to manage a smooth transition of having the latest and greatest
Touchscreens in all your classrooms across the School at the same time.

refresh5 gives you: Continuity, cost effectiveness, manageability and a trouble free 5 years of Touchscreen use
with anything and everything being covered… by us!

1.  Use them for 5 years!

2.  We’ll support you for 5 years!

3.  We’ll train you for 5 years!

4.  Pay for them over 5 years!

5. We’ll replace them (if you want) after 5 years!


refresh5 includes:

1.  Delivery by our own engineers, de Installation of old equipment and removal via WEEE certified process all on the day of installation

2.  Installation, configuration and testing by our team

3.  5 year on site warranty for anything installed be it screen, cabling and software if provided

4.  5 year helpdesk access 8 – 5 every day by phone and email

5.  5 Years access to one of our certified trainers for both onsite and online training sessions

FAQ’s about refresh5?

1. Does this programme use an authorised and approved for education finance structure?
Yes it does. The programme is structured on the rules surrounding an approved Operating Lease
used by hundreds of our education customers.

2. What happens at the end of the 5 year term?
You A ) Repeat with new screens B) Rent them on a continuous basis for £100 + vat (per annum) for all (not each screen)
so effectively they’re yours if you wish to keep using them.

3. Is it cheaper to buy outright If I have the budget?
Yes of course however, but not if you buy 20% of your total School requirement on annual basis over 5 years. Prices per screen are
affected by quantities ordered and installed i.e. the more purchased the cheaper they are.

4. What are the main justifications for this?
All staff and pupils have the same hardware and software throughout the 5 year period and their time at School.
Warranties, support, licensing etc all run concurrently. There are NO additional costs for 5 years.

5. How do I compensate for the small charges of the scheme?
Power- Fact : A new Touchscreen will use approx £100 less electric per annum per class than a Interactive Whiteboard and projector with speakers.
No repair or patch up costs of old equipment either as it awaits replacement.

Got 5 ? Give us a call or drop us an email on
We’d love to hear from you!

(minimum screen quantities apply, direct purchase pricing available)

Andy Jones
Deputy Head
Ivy Chimneys Primary School

” Do not look anywhere else for your AV needs – go straight to the best! We were looking to replace an ageing whiteboard and went straight to the company we have used for many years. They not only provided the most competitive quote within 24 hours, but also by far the best package of support and guarantee.
The fitters were entirely professional at all times, coming into our school at 7am so that the job was completed before the beginning of the school day. They took the time to explain the new functions to our staff and ensured the new board was functioning perfectly. They complied with all current restrictions, taking away the old equipment and packaging and tidying up before they left.
Thanks again for another great product and brilliant service.”

Sharon Kane
Sandy Secondary School

” From the initial consultation to order the service we received was excellent.  The price received was competitive and our weighting used put Proactive at 30% higher than the competition.
The installation process was second to none and all the team were so helpful.
The aftersales service is excellent. Having undertaken a cost benefit analysis our equipment will be paid back from savings over 2.5 years so this is well worth the investment.
We now have up to date technology across our school, with happy staff and children engaged in learning.  I would recommend Proactive unreservedly based on our experience.”

If you would like to find out more please contact us on:

T: 01480 810405