Interactive Touchscreens

Touchscreens are the next generation of front of class interactive displays – like having a huge familiar tablet on the wall.  Extreme durability is the name of the game aswell as negating the need to replace projector bulbs or even the projector itself.

In addition gone is the shadowing associated with interactive whiteboards and projectors and the constant need to recalibrate the board aswell as the lack of orientation where the writer and the actual writing are in completely different places.

The touchscreen creates a smooth and seamless touch experience by way of its glass surface with a superfast response time, whilst built in speakers provide deep, crystal-clear sound throughout the classroom.

Each screen comes with built in software which enables teachers to wirelessly share their lessons, easily access content and download and share their favourite apps.  Powered by android, teachers and students alike can use the tablet-like functionality to interact with content, simultaneously write and draw and connect mobile devices to mirror content and deliver and share content anywhere in the classroom.

ProactiveAV offer the market leading touchscreens – you can choose a screen which is right for you by reading through each range or watching a brief demo video.



The Promethean ActivPanel allows you to upgrade from your ActivBoard interactive whiteboard and projector systems really easily with the minimum of disruption to teachers.  All their existing lesson plans can be used on the ActivPanel but without the shadowing and endless calibration associated with interactive boards.

The ActivPanel is the next generation of front of class interactive displays and includes
Prometheans external Android device which provides a built-in app store.

ActivPanel Information Sheet      i-Series Information Sheet

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When it’s time to replace your interactive whiteboards and projectors, look at the SMART
touchscreen range, powered by SMART Learning Suite.
SMART offer the MX range of interactive touchscreens, available in 65″ and 75″ models.
Also available is the SMART 2075; a 75″ non-interactive panel which is supplied
complete with a SMART Leaning Suite Licence and allows students or teachers to cast to the screen using
a variety of devices.
Uniquely, Proactive AV include a five year SMART Learning Suite Licence with every screen purchased.


Downloadable Specification Sheets:

MX265 Information Sheet      MX275 Information Sheet
MX286 Information Sheet      SMART Cost of Ownership


There are two models available for use within the education sector, Clevertouch V and Clevertouch Plus.  Along with slightly different specifications and functionality, the choice would be based around budget, size of classroom and application for which the screen is required.

Clevertouch V-Series

Clevertouch V is available in sizes 55” and 65” and really is a great choice for the smaller budget. The screens are built using Full HD resolution and include front mounted USB ports and various software packages.

V Series Information Sheet

Clevertouch Plus

Clevertouch Plus incorporates the same great technology as the Clevertouch V but an additional feature is that you can double click on files to open them, as well as easily copy, cut and paste so just like using a PC. As with the V model the Plus incorporates a Browser to enable you to browse the web but also a Finder button which enables you to speedily find your files. The Cleverstore is a dedicated free educational app which comes with the Plus model and which contains hundreds of free apps with no pop-ups, adverts or inappropriate content.  All apps are tested and meet curriculum requirements.

Clevertouch Plus is available in sizes 55”, 65”, 70”, 75” and 84”

PLUS Series Information Sheet

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Using CleverShare wireless device you can control the Clevertouch Plus from anywhere in the room, without the need for any wires.  Simply plug the CleverShare into your laptop’s USB port and you can show and edit your laptop’s content on the Clevertouch screen.  You can instantly display your desktop and control from your computer or Clevertouch – your pen or finger becomes your mouse.

Clevershare Information Sheet