Halls, Lecture Rooms & Auditoriums

Every hall is different with various installation challenges; however being able to provide images, videos, song words or even backdrops to productions is a popular option for most schools, colleges and universities.

Larger schools will often have large lecture rooms and auditoriums where audio visual solutions are required or the hall is required to satisfy a multitude of uses such as day to day assemblies and teaching as well as being a popular venue for conferences, concerts and lecture rooms.

These larger halls can prove to be even more of a challenge as there may well be the need for a flexible solution to cater for whatever function the hall is being used for at the time and also the technical ability of the users.

Because of the intricacies of some projector and screen installations, we discuss your requirements with you in full, conduct an in-depth survey and then present your solution options. Once decided upon we project manage the whole thing from start to finish and provide training to ensure that everyone knows how to use the system.


Video Walls

In certain circumstances only a video wall will do, such as this example at Oundle School in Rutland. This is a very impressive hall used for many different types of functions, such as day to day assemblies and teaching, as well as being a popular venue for conference, concerts and lectures.

Video Wall at Oundle School


A video wall can be as uncomplicated or complicated as required. The system installed in Oundle School comprises of 16 television screens accompanied by a glass fronted lectern fitted with two separate audio systems. A first being a ‘plug and play’ for every day use and a second being an advanced, multi use audio system for larger whole school assemblies and corporate events.

The Proactive team not only project manager and install your video wall system, we will also provide training to ensure that members of staff are comfortable with its use.

We really are experts so please discuss your requirements with us and between us we can design your dream solution.