Riverwalk School

We were blown away when we first saw a demonstration of the Clevertouch Plus interactive screens. Having the versatility of the multi-touch, inbuilt PC and SWEEZZ mount has really created a neat and adjustable solution that has increased the engagement of our pupils. With rich coloured tones of the Clevertouch screens, gone are the days of pupils casting shadows on the screens and dull lifeless projector images. With our old interactive whiteboards, a wheelchair user would have to sit along side the board which wasn’t ideal, particularly for those with limited peripheral vision, limited reach or poor motor control. With the addition of the SWEEZZ mount the interactive screen can now be adjusted and positioned so that a wheelchair can easily fit underneath so that a pupil can face and interact with the screen. We certainly wouldn’t be without our Clevertouch screens and SWEEZZ mounts.