Useable AV?, What’s so funny?

After years in the Audio Visual industry providing solutions for the education sector we at Proactive AV are also stepping into the corporate meeting space market.

As we’re taking steps into this market, what we’re finding mildly amusing is that manufacturers seem to have spent years and £millions on designing complex solutions for meeting and boardrooms on the basis the potential users are AV genius’ and want the proposed solution to do everything for them except making lunch!

The vast majority of meeting rooms have a projector and dry wipe board in them at best, many still use flip charts. What makes the leaders in our industry think that users want to do much more than automate and digitise these functions and what leads them to believe that the more functionality and complexity the better?

If a trainer or presenter can share content from a wireless device, write in digital ink and email the contents to the audience, if they can enlarge images on a screen as they do on their smartphones and show 4k content on the screens with ease – my money is on them being delighted!

These functions are basic and standard on all the touchscreens we supply and install, our training courses take 30 mins max as any more than that suggests complexity and over complicated functions which quite honestly hardly anyone wants or needs.

The word collaboration is overused in our space and useable isn’t.

At Proactive, we hope to provide useable, practical and valuable solutions in corporate rooms for a fraction of the cost of others.  This won’t be at the cost of service or quality of installation and training – this will be because we’ll provide solutions that progressively and gradually help digitise your meetings rather than promising to fly you to the moon and back with a whole list of functions you’ll never use.

We firmly believe that in the Audio-Visual industry anything is possible – the problem is people try to sell you everything which makes useable AV impossible.

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