A problem faced by many schools is that they have to use rooms in a variety of ways

A problem faced by many schools is that they have to use rooms in a variety of ways.  The school hall in particular has many uses from assemblies, school productions to PE lessons and sporting activities.

Beechfield School in Hertfordshire found this in particular, as they regularly hold school assemblies which requires the use of a projector, alongside using the hall for all types of indoor sporting activities.  Historically this meant they felt they were restricted to having a projector that they were able to move at the end of each assembly as they felt having a ceiling mounted projector was likely to get damaged.

This not being an ideal scenario at all, they were recommended to get in touch with us for advice on what solutions were available to them.  They had made the decision that it was time to upgrade their current projector to a fixed solution.  Once our project team had visited the school to conduct a survey, they advised that in order to upgrade to a higher spec projector, the best solution was to mount the projector on the side wall of the hall which (by way of a special lens) allows the image to be projected on to the screen installed on the wall at the front of the hall.   Another benefit of having the projector installed this way is that it is easily accessible for a clean or general maintenance.


After the installation the headteacher of Beechfield School tweeted:

Thank you for helping us move into the 21st century. Goodbye acetate, hello digital!     


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