Typically AV resellers will have the manufacturer carry out the pre-sale demonstration of a Touchscreen. They will then have them, (the manufacturer) support the end client after they’ve arranged sub-contractors to install the chosen classroom solution. This process is followed to this day by 95% of AV resellers. This is NOT how we work at ProActiVe.

The complete process of demonstrating, delivering, installing, supporting and training staff on the use of Classroom, Reception or Hall AV solutions is carried out by our own employees. This is why we thrive and grow as a Company and why over 2000 Schools and Colleges have worked with us over the years the vast majority of which are reference sites and repeat customers.

We are sole supplier to multiple Academy Trusts such as Brook Weston, DNEAT, Unity Schools and organisations such as Herts For Learning and many more.

Allow us to break down the process of selecting and eventually going live with a front of class solution in terms of the “devil” that’s in the detail.
In this instance let’s assume the customer wants to buy Touchscreens for their class / lecture rooms.


Proactive Demonstrations

We promote four major brands of Interactive Touchscreen and have demo models of each. Following our initial conversation,  we’ll bring (in our own customised transport) the screen(s) you wish to see / trial to site. One of our trainers will carry out the demonstration. They will be your trainer.

four major brands of interactive touchscreens supported by Proactive AV


Other resellers:  Will have the touchscreen (not multiple options) sent to your premises by a service Company. After this a representative from the Manufacturer will turn up for the demo, they will leave and the demo product will eventually be collected by the service Company. If you want to see 2-3 brands of screens this process will need to be repeated.


Proactive Installations

We bring the touchscreen(s) you’ve selected with us in our vans on the day(s) of install. Our own (not subcontracted) engineers de install and remove your existing and unwanted AV equipment ie old screens or projectors etc there and then. We are WEEE regulated as a business so everything is disposed or recycled as it should be. All cables, power extensions and mounts are provided within the solution and any additional timber or peripherals needed to ensure completion are always on our vans. Never have we and never will we charge “extras” for such eventualities.

Other resellers: The touchscreen purchased will be delivered to the School / College on pallets some time before the install. Storage and moving such products often proves especially challenging. The subcontract installers will then arrive (hopefully) at the allocated time and with all necessary peripherals to install the screen(s) which is a risk as normally no survey is undertaken by this point. The De installation of old equipment may be included in the quote you have agreed to but the subcontractors will simply de install and leave this old equipment with you / on site. You may well be given a phone number to arrange collection of this waste (possibly at your cost) a date and even a time as to when this might happen but often several weeks might pass by with the old equipment creating a serious potential hazard to staff and pupils being left on the premises.


Proactive Training & Support

We can provide you with free training from our own qualified training team for the duration of your warranty. On site or online to suit you. Support is provided by our own Technical support team online, by phone or onsite. We also carry spare stock of every item we sell in our warehouse. Our engineers will be in your area every few days as we install daily (out of hours in term time) should you need to change heights of screens or need cables replaced.

Other resellers: Will provide you the manufacturers support details. They usually have no engineers or trainers so support is primarily via the manufacturers by phone.


We have no wish to displace your chosen IT Partner. Let the IT guys do the IT and the AV guys do the AV. We’d be delighted to work with them but please don’t believe if they also try to become your AV partner they’ll be using anything but the “other reseller” process outlined above.

We have hundreds of references for you to verify our processes outlined above.

Thank you.


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