Established in 2004, Proactive AV are a supplier of AV presentation solutions. We have installed thousands of audio visual solutions, including interactive touchscreen projects, projector and screens, in hundreds of school classrooms, halls and meeting areas. Our focus over the years has been to provide a complete package which includes onsite demonstrations, installation by our own team of DBS approved engineers, unrivalled after sales training & support service.



Number 1: The one to one or one to few.

This room would have an Interactive (or non if preferred) display. The size of the display (55” – 86”) would be dictated by the type of content shown, the room size and the amount of potential attendees in that room sitting in on the meeting. The audio within the display would ordinarily be sufficient however, for larger rooms additional speakers and microphones can be supplied as necessary.

Number 2: The one to many. Both in the room and
dialling in remotely to that meeting.

This room solution is the same as the above however the screen provided has an inbuilt camera. This simply means the presenter delivers the meeting content but the remote attendees can see and hear those physically in the room. The audio is built into the screen to facilitate this with larger rooms perhaps needing a microphone extender / enhancer. The presenter can see the remote attendees with an additional screen (non interactive) being provided / installed in a suitable place in the room.

Number 3: Dual view training room.

Select a screen as per room 1. We then place a camera with advanced audio facilities in the ceiling approximately 2-3m away facing the screen and presenter / meeting host. This solution allows the presenter to easily switch between 2 views. Firstly the view from the camera seeing and hearing exactly what an attendee would / will see who’s sat in the room in that meeting and secondly to share their desktop / laptop in full screen to the remote attendees. This solution is largely used in training environments where seeing the presenter / trainer is as important as seeing the content.



In the videos you’ll see a small touchscreen and PC unit. This is a meeting “hub”. There’s several on the market but after many trials we’ve selected 2 options. This “hub” has 4 main functions :

     It manages the processing of data in and out for your selected meeting type ie Zoom, Webex, Teams etc.
That task is not then reliant on your PC or laptop running the meeting content.

     This simplifies the process of inviting many remote users and gives you the ability to save meeting groups and see
who’s attending without using your PC / Laptop

     The “hub” enables you to run in split screen mode ie presenters on second monitor and main content on the touchscreen.

     The “hub” allows the presenter / trainer to instantly “toggle” between the camera view and the image on the desktop.

In our opinion and in our experience it’s very easy for Companies and organisations to select the wrong technology for the rooms desired outcome. Invariably there doesn’t need to be a myriad of devices and complexity. It’s more a question of understanding :

     What your objectives for each room are ?
     What technology meets those objectives ?
     What training is required to ensure correct use ?
     What solutions suit your budget and investment expectations and whether purchasing or leasing is more suitable ?


    ST5502 Brochure         ThinkSmart Brochure      Poly Studio Brochure

As mentioned we have the ability to carry out on site demonstrations or you’re welcome in our offices at any time. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for engaging with us.