David Harris – Account Manager

Today’s business world is changing all the time.  Companies are looking to increase their productivity, decrease their carbon footprint, collaborate, share information with anyone, anywhere in the world and save time.  They want to enter into the world of technology where the digital whiteboard is the norm as appose to the antiquated ways that many businesses conduct their meetings presently.

Using technology dating back to the 70’s such as flip charts and whiteboards companies fill up a whiteboard with notes, take a photograph, rub them off and start again or they write notes on pages of flip chart paper and stick them around the room with blue tack.  The crumpled flip chart paper or the whiteboard photographs are then given to some poor unfortunate who has to decipher the notes and type them into some sort of format that everyone can understand.  How many hours does this take and just how much information is lost in translation?

It begs the question that it you were going to type a report would you use your PC or an old manual typewriter?

Today’s Clevertouch Pro 4k interactive touchscreens are like having a huge, familiar tablet on the wall encompassing a huge digital whiteboard, an annotation app, browser, access to files and documents and a save and email function.  They produce a stunning image incorporating an amazing 955% more pixels than a data projector.  The user can focus in on a particular detail simply by making it bigger by using their fingers or the stylus.  Using a device called the Montage box the image, document or any type of media can be annotated upon and shared in real time with other meeting attendees, remotely or otherwise.  Even if a company uses SKYPE and video conferencing, the Clevertouch Pro technology can be integrated with these systems to enable a true touchscreen collaboration tool.



Infinite digital whiteboard notes and changes to images, drawings, videos, spreadsheets and documents can all be saved by anyone on the internet anywhere and emailed immediately to all meeting attendees before they have even left the room or the remote session.  Imagine how much time this saves planning, drawing offices and designers by discussing and making changes to drawings in real time, saving the results and emailing to relevant departments when signed off.  Not only time, actual money by cutting down travelling mileage.

Using the Clevershare device supplied with each screen ensures that there is no need to plug in and connect an assortment of cables making it simple for anyone to use for any meeting and the Clevertouch Auto Wipe feature ensures that the digital whiteboard notes and any other sensitive material and emails are deleted each time the screen is shut down.

Proactive AV are an accredited partner of Clevertouch and have historically worked within the education sector.  We have waited for the right product to be introduced for businesses and Clevertouch Pro is that product; therefore we are offering our technical expertise, installation, training and support package to our corporate customers to ensure that they all make the most of their investment.

If you’re not quite ready for touchscreens, why not look at digitising your existing whiteboards by using the Equil Smartmarker system?  This portable system is much less sophisticated and does not include the same functionality as touchscreens but does allow your existing whiteboard to become a collaborative sharing digital whiteboard.   Remote working colleagues can attend your meetings letting them see board notes live, and even participate, marking up notes remotely.

Change your old whiteboard to a digital whiteboard and contact us today for a bespoke demonstration.




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