Meeting and Board Rooms

Imagine having a huge touchscreen tablet on the wall in your meeting room that you can write on, edit files, watch videos, browse the internet and instantly email notes to meeting attendees?  Well throw away that flip chart because this technology really will change the way you meet…




With the solid support of unrivalled synergies, R&D resources and the leading panel manufacturing know-how, BenQ has been constantly bringing to the world the new possibilities for digital display devices and visual technology.

Using the RP Series interactive touchscreens a business can tap into dynamic possibilities to build a healthy and engaging meeting environment.  The panels allow a business to capture and share ideas on the fly.  The EZWrite 3.0 annotation app, powered by an array of cooperation and annotation tools, is specially designed to inspire meeting room interaction and participation.  To instantly activate EZWrite 3.0 you can either tap the app on the screen, or uniquely, simply tap your interactive flat panel’s NFC sensor with the NFCPen and write your notes.  This instant access allows the business to maintain a smooth meeting flow, free from technical interruptions.

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The way we work is changing, and technology needs to keep pace. SMART makes collaborating with your colleagues on the next floor, next meeting room or around the world as easy as meeting over coffee. Contribute ideas from mobile devices, computers and interactive displays to move your business forward.

The whiteboard lets teams interact with all sorts of dynamic content – images, PDFs, Microsoft Office® files, websites and videos. . With Connected Edition and Server, participants can contribute to the connected whiteboard from their devices as easily as their colleagues at the display.

Book a meeting through Microsoft® Exchange, then launch conferencing and the connected whiteboard from the calendar display — saving you time.

Wirelessly screencast up to eight devices to the SMART screen and share with remote colleagues using any conferencing solution so everyone is on the same page.

Email or save a customised summary PDF of your content and clear the whiteboard with a touch or voice command.

SMART have created a range of business focused products to work with your needs and requirements.

MX Pro Series

The essential SMART Board Pro with all the interactive tools teams need to collaborate at a great value, designed and built to last.

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7000R Pro Series

The next-generation SMART Board Pro featuring the most precise writing experience with advanced collaboration and connectivity features.

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7000 Pro Series

The SMART Board 7000 Pro series with iQ is made for quick brainstorming sessions, and connecting remote teams on all sorts of devices

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SMART Meeting Pro®

Unbound workspaces.
SMART Meeting Pro workspaces are unbound and virtually unlimited. Workspaces expand as you add files, links and notes – even over multiple displays and meetings.

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SMART TeamWorks™

Plan. Collaborate. Recap.
SMART TeamWorks gives your team the ultimate end-to-end collaboration experience, ease-of-use and flexibility – from any device, on any conferencing platform.

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SMART Remote Management

Any device. Any location.
Push updates. Send messages. Run diagnostics. SMART Remote Management lets you efficiently maintain, secure and support all your devices – including SMART Board displays with iQ.

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Clevertouch PRO

Is the new kid on the block, proving to be an unbelievably popular touchscreen choice in the corporate world.

It’s as simple to use as a tablet and works just like a flipchart or whiteboard, but its digital – simply turn it on and start writing using the pre-installed annotation app – LynxPro.  Brainstorm and capture ideas using the variety of brushes, colours and backgrounds then save it to edit later or email the notes to all the meeting attendees before they’ve even left the room!

The Clevertouch Pro has a built in purpose built operating system which is designed to be fast and functional with the very latest specifications.  The internal memory allows you to use it without having to connect to a computer or you can also just plug in a USB stick.  You can open and edit files such as office documents, pdfs, video, images and even audio files.

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The cloud-based Google Jamboard is the most powerful whiteboard ever and it allows existing G-Suite user design departments, engineering and product development departments and creative teams to collaborate and brainstorm ideas.  Teams no longer have to be in the same room, the same office, even the same time zone to work together in real time.  Participate from tablet or phone or work with multiple Jamboards within or beyond the walls of your company.  With Jamboard’s incredibly responsive and accurate display, it feels natural to draw and sketch the way you would on a traditional whiteboard.  You can write, draw, add sticky notes and stickers and easily erase things or move them around.  All work is saved in Google Drive and keeps its interactivity, so ideas can be picked up again straight away and nothing is erased away.  The Jamboard is beautifully engineered with a stunning 55” 4k display, is easy to install, and mobile with its purpose-built portable stand and single-cable setup which allows it to be moved around the business enabling it to be used wherever required without the whole team having to book a meeting room or area.

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