HID Global were considering various ways to improve the flow of information throughout

Digital Signage Installed at Global Company’s Cambridge Office


About HID Global

Head quartered in Austin, Texas, HID Global has over 2,200 employees worldwide with international offices that support more than 100 countries, one of which being in Haverhill Cambridgeshire. The company specialise in access control solutions, asset training, mobile authentication and manufacture of identification technology such as identity cards and chips for passports. The company prides itself on ensuring that when customers purchase genuine HID products and solutions they are purchasing absolute confidence in performance, value and service.


HID Global were considering various ways to improve the flow of information throughout the Haverhill office to ensure that employees are kept up to date on the latest company news. Historically, company information had been communicated via a manual process of pinning printed documents onto a notice board. This was very time consuming as the information quickly became out of date. They realised that there must be easier, digital way to achieve company communication and started looking into various audio visual suppliers to discuss possibilities. They found Proactive online and being a local company contacted them to see what solution they could recommend and potentially demonstrate to the HID decision makers.
Digital Signage was the recommended product and after discussions with the company, Proactive recommended the Sedao cloud based signage system. Proactive conducted a thorough demonstration based around the company’s particular needs and how they could get the maximum benefit out of it.

The Project

After consideration, HID decided to go with Proactive based upon their technical expertise and the annual maintenance package which included onsite training and support. HID discussed with the Proactive engineering team exactly where they would like the screens to be positioned and based upon this information a survey was carried out in each of these specified areas.

This determined if they were suitable locations to position the digital signage screens. Working alongside the team, Proactive appointed their electrical engineering partners to ensure the correct electrical points were installed with the screens.

HID decided to purchase nine 65” Panasonic signage screens along with Sedao cloud digital signage. This allowed them to create content and store it on a secure cloud which could be controlled with a

 dedicated remote log in via any internet connection. This allows the flexibility for the content to be regularly updated by members of staff as and when needed, either on site or in a remote location. A benefit of using Sedao is it offers businesses the flexibility to add further screens to the network easily whilst still being ideal for high security operations and private networks. It is an easy to use system and after training the company were able to use it within 30 minutes.

Jason Bentley of HID Global said:

 Proactive were very professional, they understood our needs and gave us the best solutions. They are always there for support along our journey from installation to post support. The journey will continue as we look for more places to take the solution.


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