To celebrate us joining the Think It Framework, we have put together key information about us based on the three key areas 

Proactive AV joins the Think IT Framework!

To celebrate us joining the Think It Framework, we have put together key information about us based on the three key areas that the framework takes into consideration when deciding on whether a new supplier can join the framework or not.


Our chosen category is equipment hardware, however our service is not just about providing and replacing hardware.

Our company innovation is the way we work with schools and the provision and installation of the products to suit their needs. Each requirement is project managed ensuring that the equipment is installed in the correct manner for the wall type, at the right height for each classroom teacher and with the correct cabling (supplied with a five-year warranty).

We have introduced an innovative loyalty card points system which ensures that each teacher receives Proactive onsite training, which along with our Proactive technical support department ensures that the hardware is used to its optimum level encouraging enhanced teaching and learning experiences.

We are WEEE regulated, therefore we take away and dispose of existing equipment as part of our service.

Every part of the hardware purchasing process is carried out in-house and nothing ever leaves our business.

As a responsible reseller our decision is to work only with brand leaders, three screens based around software and one not. We also offer schools future proofing, such as the ability to work with wireless devices. Other resellers may sell the cheapest screens with no brand expertise.

Value for Money

Value for Money can be interpreted in various ways, one being providing and installing the hardware within the budget enabling the school to deliver their required outcomes and another being able to demonstrate other financial savings once the hardware project has been delivered.

Due to the recommendation and installation of the right hardware for the school, Proactive has shown actual cost savings applied to headcount, reduction of Teaching Assistant costs, lack of classroom downtime, savings in the cost of components to repair existing equipment and in power costs. We can also suggest ways of purchasing or leasing the equipment.

Because of the nature of Proactive and the way we work with schools, manufacturers want to work with us as we enhance their brand and the use of their products. As our Proactive technical staff carry out our own hardware onsite demonstrations, our own training sessions and support our customers technically, manufacturers do not incur any costs. We have, therefore, been awarded Platinum and Accredited Status from the brand leaders and are able to attract the most competitive hardware buying prices which in turn we pass on to our customers by the way of most competitive pricing.

Customer Service

Proactive are responsible for the whole hardware solution from start to finish.

Because of this, customer service is down to us from the initial enquiry to the Proactive trainers and support staff ensuring ROI for the school and the equipment is being used to its full potential.

We do not sub out any part of the process to the manufacturer or sub-contractors and therefore our customers only deal with Proactive with one number to call; whether it be an enquiry, a classroom audit, a school hall survey, an installation booking, training or technical query.

We offer mutually agreed Service Level Agreements.  These can include the time-frame between enquiry and demonstration, the length of time between order and installation, the time-frame between installation and the first training course and length of time between technical query and solution via telephone or onsite support.

Our customer service generates Case Studies, Google Reviews and References from schools who have bought hardware equipment from us and these are testament to the level of service given by Proactive.

We have been awarded the ISO9001 Accreditation which constantly ensures that our Quality Management System is appropriate, consistent and effective.


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