Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreens installed in SEN Classrooms on Tilt Tables


About Maidstone Infants and Causton Junior schools

Maidstone Infants and Causton Junior schools are based in Felixstowe, Suffolk, and have created a Federation together whereby the children transition to Causton Junior from Maidstone Infants in Year Three. The transition from one school to the other is made as smooth as possible by regular liaison and planned visits. Staff from both schools meet to discuss and plan curriculum and pastoral organisation.
Both schools cater for a wide range and variety of childrens special needs and have Specialist Support Classes at each school which accommodates children with complex and severe learning needs and disabilities.

The Project

Creating a Federation is an ideal way to ensure that the pupils transition from one school to the next as easily as possible but also from a budgetary point of view it also makes sense to make purchases for both schools at the same time.
For this project the schools were looking to use Clevertouch technology in their special needs classrooms as other classrooms in the schools also benefitted from this technology. The staff were also keen to ensure that the children had the opportunity to collaborate with SNOWFLAKE software.


Both schools had worked with Proactive AV previously and had jointly bought 12 Clevertouch interactive touchscreens therefore when they needed to find a solution for this project, they contacted Proactive straight away.

Previously in place was a short throw projector and SMARTBoard however this set up wasn’t ideal for the needs of the children. The schools ICT Technician made the school aware of the fact that Clevertouch screens were available on an adjustable tilt table which would work with each childs individual needs as the mobile stand is height adjustable aswell as tilt able. It can be adjusted to table, easel or whiteboard mode – suitable for young children, adults, and disabled users.

Our video shows how adjustable and mobile the table is Clevertouch Tilt Table Video

Training and Support

The Proactive team trained staff on the use of the touchscreen adjustable mobile table and additional training sessions are available for the schools to book at any time. The Proactive support team are also at the end of the phone to assist with any queries whether it be a hardware query or a question of the wrong button being pressed.

Julia Shaw, Head of School at Causton Junior School said:

In classrooms with special needs children, the table element will be used to give the children opportunities to collaborate with SNOWFLAKE. The order was filled very quickly. We did have an issue with the original stands being too high for the children but that was resolved very quickly once attention was drawn to the issue. The Proactive AV engineers are excellent, polite and gave us all the information. We are very satisfied with the service from Proactive AV. 

Contact the ProactiveAV team at:

T: 01480 810405