Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreens Installed throughout the City of Peterborough Academy


About The City of Peterborough Academy

The City of Peterborough Academy first opened in September 2013 and has gone on to expand its capacity of places year on year. This is due to its building programme which has created new and refurbished facilities on the site, providing exceptional resources for the pupils who will range in age from 11 to 19 once the academy is full. The academy prides itself upon the high standards of behaviour it achieves whilst encouraging pupils to develop an enquiring mind and a determination to work hard. Testament to the hard work of both teachers and pupils alike, the Academy was judged by Ofsted as “outstanding in all areas”.

Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust & Proactive AV

The Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust has 32 open academies across eight local authorities and takes responsibility for managing the finances and other central services for each of those schools. When it comes to procurement, the trust encourages open and fair competition and welcome bids from both new and established suppliers. Proactive AV have previously worked with around 30 of the academies within the group due to being successful in their initial bid application being competitively priced and offering thorough and comprehensive onsite demonstrations, training and support.

The Project

The City of Peterborough Academy had in place interactive whiteboards and projectors across the site which were out of warranty, were causing various technical issues and were out classed by some replacement Clevertouch screens already installed in some of the classrooms. Based upon this the Academy took the decision to remove all current whiteboards and projectors and replace them with the Clevertouch V Series 65” screens for consistency across the site.


The Tender Process

Due to the cost associated to replace the aging equipment across the Academy, the project had to go to tender to ensure the Academy was getting the best value for money. Within this tender process, various aspects were considered, however the core factors considered were the quality, value for money and level of service.

Cost is always a consideration but as there are always cheaper options available the tender asked questions about the products and services to make sure all options were at least somewhat comparable which is necessary in a busy market place. The tender was then scored to ascertain best value.

The Academy also had a number of other requirements such as training which needed to be taken into consideration to ensure that they received a return on their investment. Based upon this criteria, the decision was taken to work with Proactive AV.

Project Outcome

The installation was carefully planned out by the Proactive team to ensure that each classroom was upgraded in a logical way over the course of the summer holidays to ensure minimal disruption. Proactive AV are unique in their approach as they take care of the full process from start to finish which means the engineers also de-install the outdated equipment and dispose of it as per WEEE regulations.


Training and Support

The Academy will be booking onsite training with Proactive trainers to ensure that all of the touchscreens are being used to their maximum potential and the support team ensure they are always at the end of the phone to assist with any queries no matter how big or small!

Daniel Dudley, Service Manger for the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust said:

  The service is what has kept us using Proactive, we can get screens installed quickly with a fast turnaround from initial requirement to installation. The staff have found the training very interesting and it really helps to get the most out of the screens  


Contact the ProactiveAV team at:

T: 01480 810405