Clevertouch Touchscreen Technology and Proactive AV Modular Training at it’s Best                                                             

Training! It’s Important………………


Clevertouch Touchscreen Technology and Proactive AV
Modular Training at it’s Best


Training teachers is critical to the success of interactive touchscreens in the classroom. Proactive trainers say:

It’s amazing when you see previously reluctant and worried teachers have a change of heart and truly embrace touchscreen equipment. 

Technology is changing at such a pace that, if you’re not a techie, it often feels impossible to keep up. Today’s digital society appear to jump in and out of different devices, platforms, apps and social media networks with ease, but for those of us that grew up in an era devoid of smartphones and twitter, it can be a little daunting. At home, we have the luxury of taking our time to get to know a new device and we usually get there in the end……even if it is sometimes with a little help from members of the younger generation! But in the workplace sometimes it feels as if we’re expected to instinctively know what to do – and presented with a brand new interactive screen and a classroom full of eager 7-year olds, it may not feel like you’re the one in the know!

We’ve supplied hundreds of schools with Clevertouch technology and therefore we know the importance of giving teachers adequate training on their new technology to ensure its success. It’s all very well furnishing every classroom with the latest interactive LED display – but unless you allow your teachers the time and training to learn how to use it properly, you may well have wasted your money.

Why work with Proactive AV?

Working with Proactive AV as your touchscreen supplier means that training is part and parcel of your project investment. Our trainers will ensure that your teachers are happy and comfortable using the equipment, from being able to switch the hardware on and off to using Lynx software to the more advanced Snowflake.

How has technology in the classroom changed?

The move from whiteboards to interactive whiteboard projector systems was a major technology step, but it was only a matter of time before something new came along. Proactive trainers can see how the move from Interactive Whiteboards to Interactive Touchscreens has made a difference to the way teachers teach.The ‘touchscreen generation’ has produced an expectation that touch should be at the forefront of new technology and not only that, it is free of the usage limitations of the outgoing interactive whiteboard systems such as the need to constantly re-calibrate, shadowing and brightness.

As well as improvements to the reliability and user-experience, students can come up to the front of class and use the Clevertouch screen simultaneously, which is fantastic for collaboration and team working. The Plus Series Clevertouch also supports access for multiple mobile devices so the teacher is able to save and share on-screen sessions with the entire class, for homework, project work or revision notes.

How do teachers feel about using their new interactive screens?

Teachers display a whole range of emotions, varying from apprehension about having to change what they have always done, through to excitement about how the technology will enhance the learning experience and help to engage their students.

It’s amazing to see how the Clevertouch screens can change the way teachers perceive front of class technology. Our trainers get a great sense of satisfaction when they can see it’s no longer a barrier to learning, but a really creative way to engage their students that is simple and easy to use.

What would schools expect from Proactive AV training?

Proactive AV trainers aim to be on-site soon after an installation of Clevertouch touchscreens. The school is contacted to remind them to book their training session(s) at a convenient time to themselves. The installation could be just one screen, or it might be an entire school.

Training is modular and varies from Beginners to Intermediate to Advanced taking into account the knowledge and expertise of the teachers involved. Each training session is 45 minutes long and therefore not too overwhelming for any member of staff—it can also be fitted into lunchtimes, if required, so that teaching staff aren’t always expected to stay at school for a long training session, after an already busy day.

One of the things that most concern teachers is how they can use their existing body of tried and tested lesson plans they’ve built up over the years. Our trainers show them that they can easily access all their existing files – but also demonstrate ways to integrate Clevertouch technology into their lessons to improve delivery and initiate new ways of engaging children interactively.

One of our trainers, Guy Smith says

I frequently walk into a training session where the most experienced member of staff will say “I will be the worst person you have every trained, I’m terrible with technology” and then at the end of the session they say “I love it, its amazing, its easier to use than Powerpoint!” One of our schools had a screen installed in a classroom where the teacher was absolutely terrified and daunted with the new technology. The screen was installed in the morning and when I arrived in the afternoon she was already using the note app on the android whilst teaching her pupils maths. It was amazing to see and demonstrates how intuitive the android is even when people have never even heard of an android.

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