Education Interactive Screen News!

Here’s a round up of all of the latest news across the interactive touchscreens we supply!


Clevertouch Plus: New Lessons Online App!

Clevertouch are carrying on their investment in software by creating better synergy between their LUX Android software solution. The fantastic Lynx software is already Android compatible with the Lynx app and can be found in your Cleverstore, now get Snowflake on the Android too!
The new Lessons Online app gives you all the functionality of Lessons Online through the Android. You can play games, run polls, send work to students and review student progress all easily from the screen.


Clevertouch V-Series: Screen Sharing

The Clevertouch V-Series looks to move itself in line with other entry level screens by adding screen sharing/mirroring to its repertoire. Also available now on the screen is the Clevershare app.


BenQ RP3K Range Becomes the RMK Range

BenQ have made some long awaited changes to the RP3K range. The massive popularity of the RP653K has led to the introduction of the RM7501K and RM8601K. This means that BenQ’s most popular screen now comes in sizes 65″, 75″ and 86″ making it a suitable option for classrooms and hall solutions in both primary and secondary schools.


Promethean AP6

The Promethean AP6 is the newest offering of Promethean’s premium screen that was the Activ Panel V5. The new AP6 comes with on board Android OPS. In simple terms, this means that the Android is easier to use and turns on with the screen. Now using the Promethean Android is a more harmonious experience with easy transitioning from your PC to the Android.


The SMART MX Screen Range is Now More User Focused

SMART is the only interactive Flat panel provider to have released an ultra-restricted OPS designed to focus on their own software, collaboration and the demands of the end users. The 6265 allows you to run SMART learning Suite from the OPS, cast from mobile devices and use/share the whiteboard using SMART kapp. SMART have now released the MX Series. The MX range will provide the same functionality as the 6265 OPS with a price that will make it widely accessible to the secondary and further education make. The new range will feature the sizes 65″, 75″ and 86″ all in ultra 4K definition.



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